A reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem on blockchain.

Everybody is an influencer.

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What is Mavin?

Mavin connects everybody with brands and companies to become a valuable influencer.

Who is Mavin for?



With Mavin, not only the well-known and famous but also the ordinary people are valuable influencers for marketers. They can participate in the marketing budget spend by getting paid for social media mentions directly.



Marketers can participate in Mavin to reach micro and nano influencers, an audience which was too heterogeneous to handle efficiently so far. A higher engagement rate is a positive side effect of these kind of influencers.

human verifier

Human verifier

Mavins quality verification framework also allows people to earn money who are not interested in participating as an influencer. By being part of the verification process, human verifiers help the platform to ensure high quality standards.


Up to 10x cheaper

Mavins blockchain based micro-payment structure comes with the advantage of being very cost efficient, especially in comparison with traditional payment gateways.

Instant payout

Every single platform user will be rewarded instantly. No minimum amount is required before a payout can be triggered nor is there any other limitation to monetize its work.

Quality verification framework

Mavin combines artificial intelligence with human verification to ensure high-quality social media mentions of relevant content in order to eventually achieve mutually beneficial relationships.

Global influencer marketplace

Although starting with the demands of a rather small and widely diversified target audience, Mavin is well prepared for future growth, thanks to its global and highly scalable platform.

How it works - The Mavin Ecosystem

mavin ecosystem

Quality verification framework

Mavins quality verification framework is based on two main pillars. A first level verification is done by artificial intelligence algorithms recognizing and assessing the picture accuracy and the sentiment of the comments. Similar but more detailed inspections are made by the platforms human verifiers. This quality verification process results in an individual and highly accurate rating of every single social media mention which will end up in a quality verification score according to this assessment.

AI verification

The first level of verification occurs automatically through use of the artificial intelligence frameworks from Google and IBM.

Human verification

The second level of verification is powered by people; that is, users of the Mavin platform.

mavin app qvf

Reward and scoring model

Building on the quality verification results, Mavins reward and scoring model combines the final reward granted for a specific social media mention with the influencers profile score. Every influencer has to sharpen his personal platform profile to increase the profitability within his fields of activity. Only a well rated quality verification in combination with a target-oriented influencer profile will lead to a optimal renumeration of the influencers.

mavin app reward

Targeted platforms

Download the whitepaper

whitepaper download

More detailed information about Mavin can be found in the whitepaper. The chapters cover the following topics in more detail:

  • Market analysis
  • Platform
  • Token distribution event
  • Company


Mavin roadmap
Who builds Mavin?

Meet the team

daniel jazbec

Daniel Jazbec

CEO & Project Lead

Daniel is a certified IT specialist with extensive experience in the financial industry and the marketing sector. His focus is on blockchain, web solutions and integration of business processes. He is a designated product and financial specialist and former COO in asset management.

giovanni toma

Giovanni Toma

CTO & Technical Lead

Giovanni is a full stack developer with more than 20 years experience in software development. His deep interest in software and hardware makes him a strong partner in every aspect for the successful implementation of complex IT projects. He is our blockchain expert.

roman balzan

Roman Balzan

CMO & Communications Lead

Roman is a senior business professional with a deep knowledge of digital storytelling, start-up consulting and project management. As an X-Googler and online marketer, he thrives on topics connected to MarTech and decentralized app solutions.

silvan baumann

Silvan Baumann

CXO & User Experience Lead

Silvan is an experienced front-end engineer and UX specialist with extensive expertise in digital media, entrepreneurship and leadership. His background enables him to implement frictionless user journeys for many projects.

ilona niederer

Ilona Niederer

Marketing & Sales

Ilona is an expert in marketing and sales. Her experience in this field allows her to work closely with new customers and communicate the latest up-to-date product features to the market audience.

sarah müller

Sarah Müller

Project Management

Sarah is specialist for online-marketing and communications. She has long-term practical experience in the management of complex website and email marketing projects, in both intersectoral B2B as well as B2C environment.

Who supports Mavin?


alessandro de Carli

Alessandro De Carli

Advisor Crypto & Smart Contract<br/>Founder papers.ch / airgap.it

Alessandro is our Blockchain expert and founder of papers.ch - a Swiss software engineering company with focus on blockchain software development and consulting. He has advised successful ICO's (Aeternity) and is well connected in the Cryptovalley Zug and globally.

dhillon kannabhiran

Dhillon Kannabhiran

Advisor Crypto & Community<br/>CEO Hack in the Box Conference

Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hack in The Box (http://www.hitb.org) and organiser of the HITBSecConf series of network security conferences, which has been held annually for over a decade in various countries. Dhillon is passionate about all topics around Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

michael healy

Michael Healy

Advisor Crypto & Community<br/>CEO, HealyTech

Michael has served as Entrepreneur-in-residence at top pan-European Venture Capital firm, Wellington partners (€800 million under management) and has done work for Google, KPMG, Founders Forum, Saatchi & Saatchi, L’Oreal, Imperial College, Unilever, London Business School and others.

brandon cohen

Brandon Cohen

Advisor HR, Growth & Recruiting<br/>VP - People at Schibsted Media Group

For nearly 20 years, Brandon has been focused on helping high-growth high-tech companies scale their growth. He had multiple leadership roles at Google over 11 years in NYC and Europe focusing on technical talent acquisition and most recently as the Vice President of People for Schibsted Media Group's new Product and Tech organization.

karim jamil

Karim Jamil

Advisor Digital & Social Media<br/>Digital Transformation Consultant

Karim works as a management consultant & executive sparring partner. With his diverse background and international personality, and having worked in both the corporate as well as the entrepreneurial world, he is advising clients from various industries in understanding the opportunities of Digital Transformation.

steve barton

Steve Barton

Advisor Influencer Marketing & MarTech<br/>CEO, Director at JUSTHANDS-ON.TV LIMITED

Steve is a business leader with a successful track record of running award winning marketing services agencies, managing digital transformation for blue chip brands, and helping start-up businesses grow. He is a regular speaker at conferences and corporate events. His specialities are in digital marketing , social media and influencer marketing

michael raven

Michael Raven

Advisor Influencer Marketing & PR<br/>Founder & Managing Director Blazon PR

Michael is the managing director and founder of Blazon PR and a specialists when it comes to growth hacking, running ICO campaign and equity crowdfunding, marketing and technology PR. He also founded 'Influencer Focus', a company focussed on connecting brands and influencers and is an expert on running influencer marketing campaigns.

Tech stack

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