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Mavin is the first decentralized marketing platform that allows merchants to publish their campaigns to millions of nano and micro influencers and ensuring fair payments based on A.I. and smart contracts.


A new era of influencer marketing is coming

Recently, brand marketing has seen a significant shift from generating social media content to pay for user generated content (UGC). It seems perfect: Famous people, bloggers, writers, etc. promote your brand which creates desire for consumers to buy your product.
As promising as it looked in the beginning, there has been a massive letdown recently. Engagement rates on mega influencer profiles is pretty low, the number of mega influencers is limited and since there has been a drastic rise in paid posts, consumers are quick to detect what is real and what is «sponsored».

Micro & nano influencers

Micro & nano influencer are the real consumers and have only up to 1'000 followers. These are mostly just friends, family & people interested in the type of content the nano influencer is generating, not «fake followers» .
The difference to the mega influencer is obvious: The engagement rate is up to 10x higher and there is a 1'000'000 times bigger market. The reach of every single influencer is smaller,  but the the engagement is higher and the total cost per engagment is much lower.

Authencity is king

The biggest difference is how posts of nano influencers are percieved by the followers: Authentic & trustful. Every second person defines user generated content the most trusted way to get informations about a product. 30% of millenials go to social media in order to get inspiration and information of a product.
Furthermore, 56% of buyers are more likely to buy, after they’ve seen them mentioned in a social media posts. 72% of instagram users already bought a product that they discovered on the platform. This is a huge chance for brands that cannot be missed out.

So why is it that no one has been targeting these nano influencers so far, given that from a brand perspective they seem to be superior in almost every way? The answer is simple: Up to now it has been impossible to target nano influencers, because you simply cannot handle, pay and control the quality of work of so many people...

Welcome to Mavin, the future of influencer marketing


up to 50% more engagement per post




Engagement Rate

Trust Level



Costs per post













FOLLOWERS< 5'000> 100'000
MARKET SIZE> 200'000'000< 5'000
COST PER POST< 100$> 1'000$

Micro & Nano Influencer are difficult to handle for a company

If you start a campaign for 50'000 USD and target a mega influencer, it’s simple: pay 50'000 USD, get one quality post in return. Done.

Now if you target micro and nano influencers, you would need to pay 10$ to 5'000 influencers each.

Unless you disrupt the finance departement of your company, it’s not possible.

Moreover keep in mind that these 5'000 posts need to be quality checked by you – not a task you want to have on your desk.

MAVIN uses the community to handle the workload

We created our own A.I. System to measure the quality of the posts.

Since A.I. is not perfect, our own community of verifications will verify and assure the quality of all posts made by other micro & nano influencers .

Thanks to our trustless smart contract and MVN token we have instant, cheap transactions and payments for the influencers and verificators.


Using Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and trustless smart contracts,
Mavin allows brands to use the distributed power of micro and nano influencers .



Brands can easily setup and track their campaigns in the Mavin campaign manager. The budget and run duration can be individually defined per campaign in addition to the rewards for and the scope of the targeted influencers.

AI-Based Quality Verification Framework

Quality is key. Therefor, Mavin has an integrated quality verification framework which ensures a high quality standard and an adequate reward payout per influencer according to their quality score.


Machines are not faultless and for this reason we added a human layer to our verification process. Every post is independently and randomly rated by several people ending up in a consensus of the final quality score.


Serving nano influencers means thousands of micro transactions. Unthinkable to do this in a classic way but an ideal use case for the blockchain. Mavin handles all of its platform transactions and payouts via a smart contract.

mobile app and wallet

To keep your rewards safe, the Mavin app is not only the main application which an influencer will to use to participate in the campaigns but also a fully fledged ether wallet.



With Mavin, not only the well-known and famous but also the ordinary people are valuable influencers for marketers. They can participate in the marketing budget spend by getting paid for social media mentions directly.

mavin community

Mavins quality verification framework also allows people to earn money who are not interested in participating as an influencer. By being part of the verification process, human verifiers help the platform to ensure high quality standards.

BRANDS and companies

Marketers can participate in Mavin to reach micro and nano influencers, an audience which was too heterogeneous to handle efficiently so far. A higher engagement rate is a positive side effect of these kind of influencers.

THE MAVIN marketplace and blockchain ADVANTAGE

72% more REVENUE for the community

Current Situation


The first time brands can advertise with nano influencers

200+ Customers in Brand Network  and Growing


Meet the Team

Daniel Jazbec

Daniel Jazbec

Daniel is a certified IT specialist with extensive experience in the financial industry and the marketing sector. His focus is on blockchain, web solutions and integration of business processes. He is a designated product and financial specialist and former COO in asset management.

Giovanni Toma

Giovanni Toma

Giovanni is a full stack developer with more than 20 years experience in software development. His deep interest in software and hardware makes him a strong partner in every aspect for the successful implementation of complex IT projects. He is our blockchain expert.

Roman Balzan

Roman Balzan

Roman is a senior business professional with a deep knowledge of digital storytelling, start-up consulting and project management. As an X-Googler and online marketer, he thrives on topics connected to MarTech and decentralized app solutions.

Ilona Niederer

Ilona Niederer

Ilona is an expert in marketing and sales. Her experience in this field allows her to work closely with new customers and communicate the latest up-to-date product features to the market audience.

Sarah Müller

Sarah Müller

Sarah is specialist for online-marketing and communications. She has long-term practical experience in the management of complex website and email marketing projects, in both intersectoral B2B as well as B2C environment.


David Drake

David Drake

David Drake is Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals in various funds worldwide with over $1.5 trillion in assets, and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners. David has been involved in technology, media, telecoms, realty, hospitality, cleantech, energy and social impact investments for more than 25 years.

Michael Healy

Michael Healy

Michael has served as Entrepreneur-in-residence at top pan-European Venture Capital firm, Wellington partners (€800 million under management) and has done work for Google, KPMG, Founders Forum, Saatchi & Saatchi, L’Oreal, Imperial College, Unilever, London Business School and others.

Dhillon Kannabhiran

Dhillon Kannabhiran

Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hack in The Box (http://www.hitb.org) and organiser of the HITBSecConf series of network security conferences, which has been held annually for over a decade in various countries. Dhillon is passionate about all topics around Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Brandon Cohen

Brandon Cohen

For nearly 20 years, Brandon has been focused on helping high-growth high-tech companies scale their growth. He had multiple leadership roles at Google over 11 years in NYC and Europe focusing on technical talent acquisition and most recently as the Vice President of People for Schibsted Media Group's new Product and Tech organization.

Ertan Wittwer

Ertan Wittwer

Ertan brings huge sales know how to the table, he used to work and shape Shore, Groupon and Parku. Today he is responsible for SaaS products at Swisscom Directories. At Shore, Ertan succesfully built the whole sales department for Europe from scratch, which has led to Shore being taken over by Swiscom Directories in 2017.

Dominik Tarolli

Dominik Tarolli

Dominik is an international technology executive (Global Business Development Director 3D Markets at Esri in Redlands, CA) and business angel (e.g. blogging ad-network Trigami acquired by Teads). Previously, he was the co-founder of Procedural (acquired by Esri), BlogCamp Switzerland, SwissStartups.com, and Smarterpreneurship.

Simon Otto

Simon Otto

Simon Otto is a director, animator and story artist for DreamWorks Animation. Simon is known for his work as the Head of Character Animation of the How to Train Your Dragon movie franchise for DreamWorks Animation and is currently working on the third installment of the trilogy. Most recently, Simon directed episodes of the acclaimed TV shows Trollhunters as well as Dragons: Riders of Berk for Netflix.

Steve Barton

Steve Barton

Steve is a business leader with a successful track record of running award winning marketing services agencies, managing digital transformation for blue chip brands, and helping start-up businesses grow. He is a regular speaker at conferences and corporate events. His specialities are in digital marketing , social media and influencer marketing

Karim Jamil

Karim Jamil

Karim works as a management consultant & executive sparring partner. With his diverse background and international personality, and having worked in both the corporate as well as the entrepreneurial world, he is advising clients from various industries in understanding the opportunities of Digital Transformation.

Daniel Jazbec - CEO Mavin

“We are about to disrupt a whole market with our innovative approach of using the blockchain to give the nano-influencers, the target-group with the highest engagement rate, a chance to monetise their social media followers by connecting them with brands & their marketing budgets.”

David Drake - Chairman at LDJ Capital

“Mavin’s rewards-based, AI-driven and blockchain-powered influencer marketing platform is set to change the rules of the game. Coupled with human verifiers, this framework architectured by Mavin is something to watch for as it is poised to level up the credibility of the ecosystem. The marketing industry has been waiting for this solution. Blockchain technology with Mavin’s expertise and execution can propel this to the right direction. I am thrilled to be a part of this project as their Board Advisor.”